How To Get HSC Rescrutiny Results 2017

How To Get HSC Rescrutiny Results 2017
How To Get HSC Rescrutinyt Results 2017. The HSC Board Challenge 2017 results for all the boards published by the Teletalk official website. HSC Rescrutiny results are available at 2017 Many people know that as a result of accountability challenge from Bangladesh. So you can check the results of HSC exam from If you fail to connect with us on another page through Facebook page, we will roll your results faster. Try to get your HSC board challenge results from 2017 from your website.

HSC Challenge Results will be published on 22 August 2017


HSC Rescrutiny  Application Process 2017:
HSC account challenge system and its process have already started. The candidate can apply to the Board Challenge before the 30th July, 2017. Most students receive A + or their Disease results but some students of HSC will not get the result of their wishes. So many students will want to ignore their HSC exam paper through examination. The results of the Killing Challenge on August 22, 2012 will be published in 2017. Follow this post for your board results in 2017.

Step 1: Find the subject matter of your favorite content or fail the topic that you might want to request for the re-review of the answer sheet.

Step 2: Make sure your Teletalk SIM has reached 300 takas. [N: B, you have to pay 150 takas for every issue]

Step 3: Then you need to SMS this format below:
Send RSC <Space> 1 board of size <space> roll number <space> subject code (eg 101) and 16222

Example: RSC Dean 145663 101 and send 16222


If someone applies for more than one subject, in the subject code (eg 105,108), “,”

After sending the first SMS, students will get a PIN number soon, it refers to the cost of HSC retry application 2017.
If you have enough balance in your account, send SMS to 16222.
RSC <Space> Yes <Space> Pin <Space> contact number and sent to 16222

Then your tell talk mobile will receive an SMS which indicates the applicant’s name and track number.

HSC board challenge results in 2017:
HSC board challenge results will be published on August 17, 2017. After publishing HSC results, we publish this news on our website and Facebook page. Check out below the results of HSC re-interviews will soon be published.