Good News For Government Employee

Good News For Government Employee.

Daily Jay Jay Din: 08 Aug 2017.

After the death of retired government officials and employees of 100 percent pension surrender (withdrawing the full pension), his widow or the deceased husband and disabled children will get life insurance allowance from now on. Besides, they also get two festival allowances annually.

The elderly husband will be entitled to a monthly medical allowance and two festival allowances annually, until maximum 15 (15) years (except for the 15-year expiry date of the date of retirement of a 100% pensioner).
This information was revealed from a notification issued by the Ministry of Finance. It has been said that this facility will be effective from 1st February of the year 2016

Good News For Government Employee.

It is also said in the notification that if the widow or widower husband is not married then it will not be beneficial.
It has been mentioned in the circular that if the percentage of pension surrenders did not surrender 100% of the pension, the amount of festival allowance will be determined on the basis of which the monthly net pension was deserved.

It is further mentioned that if a widow or widower of 100 percent pensioner extends a medical allowance or festival allowance before 1 February of 2016, then it will be adjusted after the next medical or festival allowance.