For the 7 reasons you are not getting a job

For the 7 reasons you are not getting a job

One of the most common – unemployment is a curse, which is not a lie in the present reality. An unemployed is untouchable to society and relatives. Nobody does not dream about unemployed, nobody encourages, nor does anyone even say two good words. So there must be some reason behind this job / not getting /. Do not let us see what the controller can have behind it.

1. Lack of experience

Experiences are preferred in most job areas. But where it is the first application for my job where the experience will come! Solution: Try from the student life as an internship, working in an organization. You can also prove your talent, competence, and expertise in the interview board, you are less than experienced in any situation! Besides, once you are in the job, you are experienced and experienced in the new job! So wait for your first job.


2. Frustration

Despite very good preparation and confidence, you may not get a job at all. Again it is often seen that many of your friends and acquaintances have got jobs, but you are still unemployed. These things are really very painful. In this case, my suggestion is – Keep this belief in mind – God has kept something better for you. It can not be frustrating at all. Frustration will only turn you backward, not forward!